MiFILE Schedule

This page provides the rollout schedule for the MiFILE system.  If you’re looking for the training schedule, click here.

Pilot Court Schedule

CourtCourt CodeWaveScheduled Go-liveNews
3rd Circuit (Wayne) - Civil and Criminal Case TypesC0302/5/2018
6th Circuit (Oakland) - Civil and Family Case TypesC06012/18/2017
13th Circuit (Grand Traverse, Antrim, Leelanau) - All Case TypesC13011/6/2017
16th Circuit (Macomb) - Civil and Family Case TypesC16012/6/2017
20th Circuit (Ottawa) - Civil and Family Case TypesC20011/13/2017

Statewide Rollout Schedule

The statewide rollout is being performed in waves as described below (more information is available on the SCAO webpage):

CourtCourt CodeCountyWaveScheduled Go-liveNews
22nd Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic - Model CC)C22Washtenaw12019
37th District Court (Model DC)D37Macomb12019
Ottawa County Probate Court (Model PC)P70Ottawa12019
20th Circuit Court (Expand to all case types)C20Ottawa2
13th Circuit Court - Antrim (Expand to all case types)C13Antrim2
13th Circuit Court - Grand Traverse (Expand to all case types)C13Grand Traverse2
13th Circuit Court - Leelanau (Expand to all case types)C13Leelanau2
16th Circuit Court (Expand to all case types)C16Macomb2
6th Circuit Court (Expand to all case types)C06Oakland2
3rd Circuit Court (Expand to all case types)C03Wayne2
Oakland County Probate CourtP63Oakland2
17th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C17Kent2
63rd District CourtD63Kent2
Kent County Probate CourtP41Kent2
61st District CourtD61Kent2
62A District CourtD62AKent2
59th District CourtD59Kent2
62B District CourtD62BKent2
14th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C14Muskegon2
60th District CourtD60Muskegon2
Muskegon County Probate CourtP61Muskegon2
58th District CourtD58Ottawa2
35th District CourtD35Wayne3
36th District CourtD36Wayne3
16th District CourtD16Wayne3
18th District CourtD18Wayne3
19th District CourtD19Wayne3
20th District CourtD20Wayne3
23rd District CourtD23Wayne3
25th District CourtD25Wayne3
33rd District CourtD33Wayne3
34th District CourtD34Wayne3
Wayne County Probate CourtP82Wayne3
17th District CourtD17Wayne3
21st District CourtD21Wayne3
22nd District CourtD22Wayne3
24th District CourtD24Wayne3
27th District CourtD27Wayne3
28th District CourtD28Wayne3
29th District CourtD29Wayne3
30th District CourtD30Wayne3
31st District CourtD31Wayne3
32A District CourtD32AWayne3
Grosse Pte. Municipal CourtMGPWayne3
Grosse Pte. Farms Municipal CourtMGPFWayne3
Grosse Pte. Park Municipal CourtMGPPWayne3
Grosse Pte. Woods Municipal CourtMGPWWayne3
40th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C40Lapeer4
71A District CourtD71ALapeer4
Lapeer County Probate CourtP44Lapeer4
42nd District Court - Division 1D42-1Macomb4
42nd District Court - Division 2D42-2Macomb4
Macomb County Probate CourtP50Macomb4
41A District CourtD41AMacomb4
41B District CourtD41BMacomb4
39th District CourtD39Macomb4
40th District CourtD40Macomb4
38th District CourtD38Macomb4
52nd District Court - Division 1D52-1Oakland4
52nd District Court - Division 2D52-2Oakland4
52nd District Court - Division 3D52-3Oakland4
52nd District Court - Division 4D52-4Oakland4
48th District CourtD48Oakland4
43rd District CourtD43Oakland4
44th District CourtD44Oakland4
46th District CourtD46Oakland4
47th District CourtD47Oakland4
50th District CourtD50Oakland4
51st District CourtD51Oakland4
45th District CourtD45Oakland4
31st Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C31St. Clair4
72nd District CourtD72St. Clair4
St. Clair County Probate CourtP74St. Clair4
48th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C48Allegan5
57th District CourtD57Allegan5
Allegan County Probate CourtP03Allegan5
5th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C05Barry5
56B District CourtD56BBarry5
Barry County Probate CourtP08Barry5
2nd Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C02Berrien5
5th District CourtD05Berrien5
Berrien County Probate CourtP11Berrien5
15th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C15Branch5
3A District CourtD03ABranch5
Branch County Probate CourtP12Branch5
37th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C37Calhoun5
10th District CourtD10Calhoun5
Calhoun County Probate CourtP13Calhoun5
43rd Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C43Cass5
4th District CourtD04Cass5
Cass County Probate CourtP14Cass5
9th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C09Kalamazoo5
8th District CourtD08Kalamazoo5
Kalamazoo County Probate CourtP39Kalamazoo5
45th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C45St. Joseph5
3B District CourtD03BSt. Joseph5
St. Joseph County Probate CourtP75St. Joseph5
36th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C36Van Buren5
7th District CourtD07Van Buren5
Van Buren County Probate CourtP80Van Buren5
29th Circuit Court - Clinton (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C29Clinton6
65A District CourtD65AClinton6
Clinton County Probate CourtP19Clinton6
56th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C56Eaton6
56A District CourtD56AEaton6
Eaton County Probate CourtP23Eaton6
7th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C07Genesee6
67th District Court - Division 1D67-1Genesee6
67th District Court - Division 2D67-2Genesee6
67th District Court - Division 3D67-3Genesee6
67th District Court - Division 4D67-4Genesee6
67th District Court - Division 5D67-5Genesee6
Genesee County Probate CourtP25Genesee6
29th Circuit Court - Gratiot (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C29Gratiot6
65B District CourtD65BGratiot6
Gratiot County Probate CourtP29Gratiot6
1st Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C01Hillsdale6
2B District CourtD02BHillsdale6
Hillsdale County Probate CourtP30Hillsdale6
30th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C30Ingham6
55th District CourtD55Ingham6
Ingham County Probate CourtP33Ingham6
54A District CourtD54AIngham6
54B District CourtD54BIngham6
4th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C04Jackson6
12th District CourtD12Jackson6
Jackson County Probate CourtP38Jackson6
39th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C39Lenawee6
2A District CourtD02ALenawee6
Lenawee County Probate CourtP46Lenawee6
44th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C44Livingston6
53rd District CourtD53Livingston6
Livingston County Probate CourtP47Livingston6
38th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C38Monroe6
1st District CourtD01Monroe6
Monroe County Probate CourtP58Monroe6
35th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C35Shiawassee6
66th District CourtD66Shiawassee6
Shiawassee County Probate CourtP78Shiawassee6
14A District CourtD14AWashtenaw6
Washtenaw County Probate CourtP81Washtenaw6
15th District CourtD15Washtenaw6
14B District CourtD14BWashtenaw6
19th Circuit Court - Benzie (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C19Benzie7
85th District Court - BenzieD85Benzie7
Benzie County Probate CourtP10Benzie7
55th Circuit Court - Clare (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C55Clare7
80th District Court - ClareD80Clare7
Clare/Gladwin Probate District 17PD17Clare7
8th Circuit Court - Ionia (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C08Ionia7
64A District CourtD64AIonia7
Ionia County Probate CourtP34Ionia7
21st Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C21Isabella7
76th District CourtD76Isabella7
Isabella County Probate CourtP37Isabella7
51st Circuit Court - Lake (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C51Lake7
79th District Court - LakeD79Lake7
Lake County Probate CourtP43Lake7
19th Circuit Court - Manistee (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C19Manistee7
85th District Court - ManisteeD85Manistee7
Manistee County Probate CourtP51Manistee7
51st Circuit Court - Mason (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C51Mason7
79th District Court - MasonD79Mason7
Mason County Probate CourtP53Mason7
49th Circuit Court - Mecosta (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C49Mecosta7
77th District Court - MecostaD77Mecosta7
Mecosta/Osceola Probate District 18PD18Mecosta7
8th Circuit Court - Montcalm (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C08Montcalm7
64B District CourtD64BMontcalm7
Montcalm County Probate CourtP59Montcalm7
27th Circuit Court - Newaygo (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C27Newaygo7
78th District Court - NewaygoD78Newaygo7
Newaygo County Probate CourtP62Newaygo7
27th Circuit Court - Oceana (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C27Oceana7
78th District Court - OceanaD78Oceana7
Oceana County Probate CourtP64Oceana7
49th Circuit Court - Osceola (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C49Osceola7
77th District Court - OsceolaD77Osceola7
Osceola/Mecosta Probate District 18PD18Osceola7
23rd Circuit Court - Alcona (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C23Alcona8
81st District Court - AlconaD81Alcona8
Alcona County Probate CourtP01Alcona8
23rd Circuit Court - Arenac (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C23Arenac8
81st District Court - ArenacD81Arenac8
Arenac County Probate CourtP06Arenac8
18th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C18Bay8
74th District CourtD74Bay8
Bay County Probate CourtP09Bay8
55th Circuit Court - Gladwin (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C55Gladwin8
80th District Court - GladwinD80Gladwin8
Gladwin/Clare Probate District 17PD17Gladwin8
52nd Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C52Huron8
73B District CourtD73BHuron8
Huron County Probate CourtP32Huron8
23rd Circuit Court - Iosco (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C23Iosco8
81st District Court - IoscoD81Iosco8
Iosco County Probate CourtP35Iosco8
42nd Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C42Midland8
75th District CourtD75Midland8
Midland County Probate CourtP56Midland8
34th Circuit Court - Ogemaw (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C34Ogemaw8
82nd District Court - OgemawD82Ogemaw8
Ogemaw County Probate CourtP65Ogemaw8
23rd Circuit Court - Oscoda (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C23Oscoda8
81st District Court - OscodaD81Oscoda8
Oscoda County Probate CourtP68Oscoda8
34th Circuit Court - Roscommon (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C34Roscommon8
82nd District Court - RoscommonD82Roscommon8
Roscommon County Probate CourtP72Roscommon8
10th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C10Saginaw8
70th District CourtD70Saginaw8
Saginaw County Probate CourtP73Saginaw8
24th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C24Sanilac8
73A District CourtD73ASanilac8
Sanilac County Probate CourtP76Sanilac8
54th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C54Tuscola8
71B District CourtD71BTuscola8
Tuscola County Probate CourtP79Tuscola8
26th Circuit Court - Alpena (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C26Alpena9
88th District Court - AlpenaD88Alpena9
Alpena County Probate CourtP04Alpena9
86th District Court - AntrimD86Antrim9
Antrim County Probate CourtP05Antrim9
33rd Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C33Charlevoix9
90th District Court - CharlevoixD90Charlevoix9
Charlevoix/Emmet Probate District 7PD07Charlevoix9
53rd Circuit Court - Cheboygan (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C53Cheboygan9
89th District Court - CheboyganD89Cheboygan9
Cheboygan County Probate CourtP16Cheboygan9
46th Circuit Court - Crawford (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C46Crawford9
87C District CourtD87CCrawford9
Crawford County Probate CourtP20Crawford9
57th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C57Emmet9
90th District Court - EmmetD90Emmet9
Emmet/Charlevoix Probate District 7PD07Emmet9
86th District Court - Grand TraverseD86Grand Traverse9
Grand Traverse County Probate CourtP28Grand Traverse9
46th Circuit Court - Kalkaska (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C46Kalkaska9
87B District CourtD87BKalkaska9
Kalkaska County Probate CourtP40Kalkaska9
86th District Court - LeelanauD86Leelanau9
Leelanau County Probate CourtP45Leelanau9
28th Circuit Court - Missaukee (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C28Missaukee9
84th District Court - MissaukeeD84Missaukee9
Missaukee County Probate CourtP57Missaukee9
26th Circuit Court - Montmorency (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C26Montmorency9
88th District Court - MontmorencyD88Montmorency9
Montmorency County Probate CourtP60Montmorency9
46th Circuit Court - Otsego (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C46Otsego9
87A District CourtD87AOtsego9
Otsego County Probate CourtP69Otsego9
53rd Circuit Court - Presque Isle (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C53Presque Isle9
89th District Court - Presque IsleD89Presque Isle9
Presque Isle County Probate CourtP71Presque Isle9
28th Circuit Court - Wexford (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C28Wexford9
84th District Court - WexfordD84Wexford9
Wexford County Probate CourtP83Wexford9
11th Circuit Court - Alger (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C11Alger10
93rd District Court - AlgerD93Alger10
Alger/Schoolcraft Probate District 5PD05Alger10
12th Circuit Court - Baraga (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C12Baraga10
97th District Court - BaragaD97Baraga10
Baraga County Probate CourtP07Baraga10
50th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C50Chippewa10
91st District CourtD91Chippewa10
Chippewa County Probate CourtP17Chippewa10
47th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C47Delta10
94th District CourtD94Delta10
Delta County Probate CourtP21Delta10
41st Circuit Court - Dickinson (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C41Dickinson10
95B District Court - DickinsonD95BDickinson10
Dickinson County Probate CourtP22Dickinson10
32nd Circuit Court - Gogebic (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C32Gogebic10
98th District Court - GogebicD98Gogebic10
Gogebic County Probate CourtP27Gogebic10
12th Circuit Court - Houghton (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C12Houghton10
97th District Court - HoughtonD97Houghton10
Houghton County Probate CourtP31Houghton10
41st Circuit Court - Iron (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C41Iron10
95B District Court - IronD95BIron10
Iron County Probate CourtP36Iron10
12th Circuit Court - Keweenaw (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C12Keweenaw10
97th District Court - KeweenawD97Keweenaw10
Keweenaw County Probate CourtP42Keweenaw10
11th Circuit Court - Luce (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C11Luce10
92nd District Court - LuceD92Luce10
Luce/Mackinac Probate District 6PD06Luce10
11th Circuit Court - Mackinac (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C11Mackinac10
92nd District Court - MackinacD92Mackinac10
Mackinac/Luce Probate District 6PD06Mackinac10
25th Circuit Court (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C25Marquette10
96th District CourtD96Marquette10
Marquette County Probate CourtP52Marquette10
41st Circuit Court - Menominee (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C41Menominee10
95A District CourtD95AMenominee10
Menominee County Probate CourtP55Menominee10
32nd Circuit Court - Ontonagon (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C32Ontonagon10
98th District Court - OntonagonD98Ontonagon10
Ontonagon County Probate CourtP66Ontonagon10
11th Circuit Court - Schoolcraft (Criminal/Civil, Domestic)C11Schoolcraft10
93rd District Court - SchoolcraftD93Schoolcraft10
Schoolcraft/Alger Probate District 5PD05Schoolcraft10