MiFILE Optional Components for Courts

Certain optional products are available to Michigan Trial Courts as part of the MiFILE project at discounted prices.  The products and their intended purpose is described below.


Document Scanners can be used by the courts as part of several court processes related to MiFILE, as described below:

  • Public Kiosk Workstation – a workstation that allows a walk-in public user to perform a filing into the court. This workstation typically includes a Windows PC and a low-volume document scanner, as described below.
  • Clerk Scanning Over-the-counter – There are certain circumstances whereby a clerk may need to scan documents directly into the MiFILE system. Two common circumstances are: 1) documents that are received through the mail for incarcerated persons; and 2) documents received over-the-counter for a person that is authorized by the court to bypass e-filing.  Note: Court rules and procedures will dictate the conditions under which these options are available.  It is recommended that at least a mid-volume scanner be used for this process.
  • Backfile Case Scanning – If the Court is utilizing the Cloud DMS provided within MiFILE, then the court or the Clerk’s office may utilize a scanner to scan existing case records into the Cloud DMS. It is recommended that at least a mid-volume scanner be used for this process.



Kiosk Workstation

To improve public access to the e-filing solution it is recommended that each court provide a public computer with an attached scanner (kiosk).  Where possible, the kiosk computer should be placed in an area near the clerk’s counter so that the clerk staff can assist the public in their use of the computer.

The Public Kiosk Computer consists of the following primary components:

  1. Miniature computer (with Windows 10 operating system)
  2. Flat screen monitor
  3. Keyboard / Mouse
  4. Low-volume document scanner

The Public Kiosk Computer must be connected to the Internet, but it does not need to have access to the court’s network.



Ordering Products

The products and pricing contained in this document are valid to Michigan Trial Courts.  Components ordered from this site must be shipped directly to a Michigan Trial Court address.

ImageSoft accepts purchase orders with net 30-day payment terms directly from Michigan Trial Courts for the components contained in this document.  If you are a Michigan Trial Court you may be entitled to purchase directly from this schedule without performing an RFP (check with your local purchasing department).  Products can be purchased by providing a purchase order.

Purchase Orders should be addressed to:

MiFILE Optional Components
c/o ImageSoft, Inc.
25900 W 11 Mile Road, Suite 100
Southfield, MI 48034

Email: mifile@imagesoftinc.com
Phone: 248-948-8100
Fax: 248-948-8146

Visit the MiFILE Pricing Page for current pricing.