MiFILE New Filers

This page provides resources and information for new filers.

What is a “New Filer”

Because MiFILE is a new system, and e-filing will be mandatory in Michigan, everyone that files is initially considered a New Filer.  This includes anyone that files court documents into a Michigan Trial Court, whether you’re an attorney, legal staff member, self-represented filer, or a court staff member.

What Courts does this apply to?

MiFILE is for e-filing into the 242 Michigan Trial Courts.  However, this will take time to rollout and currently only a limited number of courts are currently live (view the rollout schedule for more details).  This includes all Circuit, District, Municipal and Probate courts in Michigan.  Eventually the Michigan Court of Appeals and Supreme Court will also be on the same e-filing system, but currently they are using a different version of the ImageSoft TrueFiling system.  MiFILE does not apply to the courts of the federal government, there is a separate e-filing system called PACER that covers these courts. Click here for a complete list of Michigan trial courts, along with a rollout schedule.

When should I get prepared?

If you file into one of the 5 MiFILE pilot courts you should be preparing now.  The pilot courts moved to MiFILE in the months of November, 2017 – February, 2018.

How should I prepare?

Follow these steps:

  1. Review the documentation and presentations at: MiFILE resources.
  2. Attend one of the scheduled MiFILE training courses.
  3. Create your MiFILE login at the main MiFILE site.
  4. Review the detailed information on the MiFILE Help pages (Login required).
  5. Once case data is available from your court (approximately 2-4 weeks prior to go-live) you may associate yourself to the active court cases that you are a participant in.  Associating yourself allows the opposing party to know who you are to ensure that you get served properly.  If you are struggling with this step – please go back to steps 1 and 2 and review the materials and training that are available to you.  If you are still struggling, please contact the MiFILE Support Team.

What if the court I work with is not one of the pilots?

Other Michigan trial courts (Circuit, District, Probate) will be going live with MiFILE based on a statewide rollout schedule.